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    No Deposit Home Loans

    The starting point is that a “No-deposit” loan doesn’t mean a “No money required from the applicant” loan.

    Even if you are eligible for the First Home Owners Grant, there is still the question of stamp duties and other costs of purchasing. You will find helpful examples of these on our “Purchasing & Borrowing Costs” page.

    Knowing these costs will enable you to work out with you which loan you may qualify for. Then you can check your chances on the chart below.

    We have a number of loans that will provide up to 100% of property value. In addition to these, we have some who will allow a family guarantor’s property as top-up security. Some require a small percentage of genuine savings, some don’t. So, we have a number of options we have to help you through the maze to home ownership.

    Check yourself out on these general points to see if you might qualify:

    Family Guarantor Loans 100% Loans
    Clear credit history Clear credit history
    3 Months min employment
    2 yrs min if self employed
    6 months min employment
    2 yrs min if self employed
    Average Income Required High Income Required
    Average Outgoings Average Outgoings
    Most Town Locations Larger Towns Preferred
    Consenting parents, with sufficient equity N/A

    Reading down, if you think you fulfil the general requirements in the column that applies to you, please email us the mini application form and we will get straight onto assessing your prospects of obtaining one of these no-deposit loans