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    Bridging Loans

    One of the most ignored pieces of common sense advice in changing homes is “Sell before you buy” That is, if you sell first you know how much money you have to buy with.

    If you buy before you sell, you are probably then trying to sell yours under the pressure of an impending settlement, knowing that you are running out of time.

    The result? Sleepless nights and usually a poor sale price attained. Sometimes there are also interest penalties for late settlement, or even a deposit lost.

    Ideally, you should sell on a settlement of, say 90 days or more and buy on settlement of 60 days (or whatever date coincides with your settlement)

    BUT, for those who come to need them, there are bridging loans available through us. However, there are only a few lenders offering, and they will only accept financially comfortable applicants for these loans. We strongly suggest that you talk to us before you get into that situation.

    Please email us